Thursday, January 28, 2010


so.... the bunch of dreamers and philosophers is back with another piece of their thoughts and scent of watz happenin around....not only inside the campus....!---our very own campus with all sorts of wildfire issues to 'gape' about!---but also with almost evrything that goes under the title contemprary...yups..! LA VISTA is back and this time with a fresh perspective towards the columns and articles but also new dimensions of topics and their treatment..all ranging from the economic slowdown to tata nano..and from our canteen space to first year's joyride....we're not sayin that this time LA VISTA will be a connoisseur's collector edition (heavy words!!)..but watcha for a mag which unveils the true spirit of IIITM in its own people's words...the guys who are the part and parcels of this mini ecosystem at ABV-IIITM...the mango people...coming soon your way.......bite into one...!!!!

La Vista

It’s taken no less than three years to revive what has been our dream in the making, and I can’t help but feel nostalgic while I am writing this. On one side is the realization of a three year loss, which is frustrating to the core. What all could have taken shape in these three years, we could have advanced to heights which we imagined were truly possible at that time. Being a much younger team then, the zest, the carelessness and the attitude that anything’s possible is much more in abundance. But here I sit, in the same room on the same PC, knowing that this time…we wont let the flame subside as a meager flicker. And as they say about the great Egyptian and Greek gods, “Resurrection of greatness is just a matter of time and not probability!!”, the Informal Student Magazine of IIITM is back..and this timeit is here to stay!!
-'La Vista News Agency'

La Vista – The Third Wave

It’s an amazing feeling to work for the LVNA. Now, that La Vista has gone online, we’re looking into a new dimension of media—where our articles would be appreciated, criticized and also discussed—all at the same time. We started working on this magazine, back in 2006, when a bunch of jobless, creative, witty friends were sitting and just chatting around. (The appropriate term to be used here, is bakar) And so came up a brainwave—an idea. An idea to give direction to this creative outflow of words, that were funny, entertaining, and at the same time—worth discussing and informative.
The funny thing is, when we went around asking people’s opinion, we discovered there were many more of our kind, and those, who had similar interests as ours. Thus was formed the La-Vista News Agency. We’re proud members of the editorial board, and for over 2 years and 2 issues now, we at LVNA, always strive to bring you the best bakar, the best gossip (in the college, and beyond), little updates on college events and activities, and much much more. Thus, making La-Vista, a complete entertainment package-- in a magazine.
Well, La Vista’s back. Watch this space. More updates hitting your screens.